We Do Weekends - Saturday 22nd Oct, 2005

Alexander O' Neal breezed into Warner's soul week-ender on Saturday 22nd Oct with Soultrain's Paul Alexander on the decks playiing to a full house. Following the death of Luther Vandross, Alex is one of 3 living legendary contempory soul icons of the 80's. The other two being Freddie Jackson & Will Downing. And so it was, here was Alex on stage inches away from the ladies who surged forward onto the dancefloor, the same Alex who filled NEC, Hammersmith Odeon. Alex was in fine form dressed in burgundy overshirt and pants. He was strutting his stuff on stage fronting a very tight 9 piece band including backing singers and percussionist. Alex sang all the hits you would expect - fake, criticize, hearsay, lovers, what can mend, if you were mine tonight etc. but no saturday love - which was a major disapointment. There is no doubt about it Alex can still cut it and he is still up there with the 80's male soul vocalalist icons, even if he didn't have his double bed on stage where he would seduce young ladies from the audience. All in all if this is the quality of acts that Warner plan to deliver I will be watching developments closely. Quality acts, quality venue. This was the first of the Warners we do weekends soul week-enders and with Mica Paris & Shola Ama lined up for a soul diva's week-end in addittion to motown week-enders you just gotta checkout their website: -


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Panache review Aug 28, 2005

The hottest ticket in town ! Arrive early it said on the flyer doors open from 8pm. People were queing from 8pm and by 10pm Panache was filling up quickly, by 11pm we had almost reached capacity/house full and by 11:30pm there were approx 200 people dissapointed unable to obtain entrance to Bristol's longest running soul night. Inside the revellers were partying on ! Saphire & Ritchie v Platimum girls were dancing their ass off and the Bristol masses were partying hard. In room 1 the soultrain classics were being spun such as I found lovin went down a storm, whilst in the Jazz room the delights of Oscar and Nathan bristol's floor technicians delighted the hundreds of onlookers with their dazzling footwork. The dj collective soultrain has taken soultrain to a higher level, The essential Bank Holiday lifestyle setting the scene for the glam/glitzy & the most prestigous soul event of the year at the historic ashton court mansions , ashton court estate - NYE.


Bank Holiday Sunday 29th May2005

It's the day of the Royale Rumble JazzDance UK Championships. This was the event that hardcore jazzdancers from around the UK had been waiting for, for nine years! The first time a championship had been held since 1996. From 10pm camera-men were setting up their equipment ready to catch the rhythmic & acrobatic moves that were to be shown in order to win the title. Dancers were slowly arriving throught the evening. They had traveled from Nottingham, Coventry, London, and even had representation from Japan. Around 11.30 the judges - Mike Chadwick (Jazz Fm Dj) Simon Booth (Working Week musician) & Tony Clark (Jazz Dj for over 20years at Star Fm) took their seats, and sat infront of their scoring sheets with pencils in hand. These judges were picked by legendary JazzDance dj Snowboy, as he wanted 100% impartial judging during the night. 13 dancers were put through their paces - each dancing to a track of their own choice for 2 minutes, and then another 2 minutes each dancing to a track of Snowboys choice. Then whittle down to the top six. When the the scores where added up, there was a dead heat for sixth place between 3 dancers. So those 3 dancers had to battle (Rocky from London, Maki from Tokyo & Brian from London) - one on at a time - for a place in the top 6. Maki, from Tokyo won this battle, causing a lot of controversey amongst the crowd and other dancers. So the top 6 dancers - Maki (Tokyo) Mark Hopkinson (Bristol) Ade (London) Freestyle (aka Chris Hibbert Nottingham) Mike Williams (Coventry) Jerry Barrie (former famous IDJ dancer London). These dancers battled it out during a 10 minute surprise track - each dancer pulling out their best footwork and tricks to impress the crowd and judges. By the end of the night Freestyle (aka Chris Hibbert) from Nottingham took the title UK Jazzdance Champion 2005. Jerry Barrie took 2nd place, and Mike Williams took 3rd. Next year Mark Hopkinson has vowed to bring the title back to Bristol!! he hopes (he he!) It was all captured on video and copies are available on dvd for 5.00 contact JAZZDANCE@BLUEYONDER.CO.UK for details.

By Mark Hopkinson

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Glastonbury Festival on Saturday 26 June, 2004, The Disco Sensation in the Dance Tent.

Soultrain were privaliged to host the dance tent through out the day with over 6 slamming sessions at Glastonbury 2004 with over 10,000 fun-ksters lovin it. It was a fitting tribute to the early UK disco/club/boogie scene from back in the day when soul and funk artist both british and american were big in the clubs none so more than Glastonbury's top of the bill the legendary fatback band. Soultrain dj origins can be traced back to more than 30 years as early movers and shakers in Bristol clubland.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2001

I had a great time in Bristol. I am glad you liked some of the tracks on my CD. By the way,that is the same Don Blackman of holdin you lovin you fame. Don Blackman was one of my mentors growing up in Jamaica, Queens. I will never forget it, he taught me my first tune titled "Cold Duck time" by Eddie Harris. He plays in my group in fact we did a string of gigs in Bermuda just last month. By the way,Thanks for the Maceo patch. How do I get in touch with Soul Brother Records. I would love to get picked up by a record co. in the UK. Thanx for playing my CD on the air please let me know when the review comes out. I read the fatback review. very cool. The photo I have attached was taken back stage at the Jazz Cafe in London a few weeks ago with fatback.

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