Barry White

Known in all circles as "The Love Man", and "The Maestro", this is a man who puts new boundaries on the universal language of love. He has a soul of passion and this is evident in every song that he has recorded. He is an icon.

Barry White has been satisfying soul music lovers for nearly 25 years. Inspired in the 60's by the likes of Holland-Dozier-Holland and The Supremes, Barry's original vision was to write, arrange, and produce music for an all-girl group. In that he succeeded, compiling Love Unlimited, a three-girl group featuring his wife, Glodean. Led by Glodean's soaring vocals, Love Unlimited's 1972 debut album, From a Girl's Point of View We Give to You, went gold, and included a #14 Billboard single, "Walkin' in the Rain with the One I Love".

Convinced by others of his own singing talent, Barry decided to give it a go himself in front of the microphone. His debut album, I've Got So Much To Give, lived up to its title and went gold, and featured a #3 Billboard single, "I'm Gonna Love Ya Just a Little More, Baby". Using his early success as a springboard, Barry ventured into what were at the time uncharted waters. His lifelong dream had been to write and produce soul music for a full orchestra. The higher-ups at his record label, 20th Century Fox, were skeptical. Soul music - for an orchestra? After some convincing, however, the Love Unlimited Orchestra was a reality. It's debut album, Rhapsody in White, went gold off the strength of a #1 Billboard single called "Love's Theme". Parlaying his continued success, Barry went on to record several more gold albums, including Stone Gon', Just Another Way to Say I Love You, Barry White Sings for Someone You Love, The Man, and Can't Get Enough, which featured a #2 Billboard single, "You're the First, the Last, My Everything", and his second #1 Billboard single and fan anthem, "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe".

After closing out the 70's having produced 22 albums and scored hit singles such as, "It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me" and "Let the Music Play", Barry took 18 months off to rest in 1983. The disco era having faded from prominence and a new mixture of soul and rap having taken its place, Barry founded himself a fish-out-of-the-water with the then-contemporary music scene. Mixing his traditional soft-souled sound with the signs of the times, he returned to the charts in the mid-80's, however, with hits such as, "I Wanna do It Good to Ya", and "Sho You Right". Barry continues to write and produce remarkably chart-worthy sound. His latest successes, "Come On" and "Practice What You Preach", which landed at #1 on the Billboard R&B chart, combine his early 70's groove sound with a 90's emphasis on lyrics and vocals.